Kinmunity IRC was founded in March of 2019 as a private Internet Relay Chat Network serving members of the alterhuman (otherkin, fictionkin, therian, vampire, plural, and other-hearted) communities. Kinmunity IRC welcomes all users whom have a genuine interest in the discussion of alterhuman related topics - and even those who don't, provided respect and courtesy is shown!

We dug our roots in 2012 as HowlNET; a small service catering primarily to the therianthropy community. Later, HowlNET expanded to serve the otherkin community as well. Unfortunately, HowlNET closed its virtual doors in 2013. However, In 2019, it was noticed that while a handful of IRC networks exist which serve the therianthropy community, few (if any) exist which serve the greater alterhuman community. With that goal in mind, Kinmunity IRC was formed! 

We're powered by powered by InspIRCd and Anope services. This means we support extended modes, nickname and channel registration, virtual hostmasks, offline messaging (memos), and other features that you'd expect from a modern IRC network. We've also applied several unique customizations to our IRC daemon and services package which cater to the unique communities we serve. We even provide a web chat client and documentation for those unfamiliar with IRC. This makes our network a perfect place to host your own channel!