Channel List

This page provides a list of channels currently active on Kinmunity IRC, excluding secret (+s) and keyword protected (+k) channels. It also lists the modes set and the current topic. Clicking on a channel name will allow you to connect to it via our web client. You can also join the channel by typing /join #channel_name_here on IRC.
Channel Modes Topic
#den +nPrRt Official Channel | Registered Users Channel
#ehowl +nPrt Official Channel | eHowl is NOT in progress.
#help +GnPrt Official Channel | Don't ask to ask, just ask. | Network staff are voiced (+v/+) or opped (+o/@)
#kinmunity +GnTPrt Official Channel | Kinmunity IRC's Official lobby | We're bridged with #lobby on Kinmunity's Discord server! | Need help? /join #help