Acceptable Use Policy

By connecting to Kinmunity IRC, you agree to follow our Terms and Rules at all times. Failure to follow our Terms and Rules can result to penalties up to and including permanent removal from our network.

1. Eligibility

Kinmunity IRC is intended for members of the alterhuman (otherkin, fictionkin, therian, vampire, plural, and other-hearted) communities. However, we are open to anybody with good intentions. Kinmunity IRC is not intended for children under the age of thirteen, and we require that our users be at least that age to use our service. Connection to our network is permitted via our own approved web client, Mibbit, or desktop (including Android/iOS) IRC client only. Unauthorized web clients are not permitted. Users may have up to five connections to Kinmunity IRC at any given time (including bots), unless specifically authorized by our staff team.

2. Terms & Conditions

Users are expected to conduct themselves in a professional, mature, and civilized matter while connected to Kinmunity IRC. Users should respect the network, its users, and its staff. We have a zero tolerance policy for harassment of any kind. We define harassment as any action which is intended to cause a targeted individual, or groups of individuals displeasure.

Kinmunity IRC is intended for general audiences, including users as young as thirteen. We require that all channel names, nicknames, usernames/ident, and Real Names (GECOS) to adhere to be "safe for work". Channels that are host content that is not appropriate for general audiences must be set to secret (mode +s) and prepend “[NSFW]” as the first portion of their topic.

Users may not attempt to disrupt the service, or other users’ chatting experience in any way. Anything that can reasonably negatively impact the experience of our users is considered a disruption of service. This includes unsolicited advertising (SPAM), sending large and/or excessive: messages, CTCPs, nick changes, notices, invites or channel joins and parts (flooding), DDoS attacks, or any other intentional disruption of service. We take network disruption very seriously; those who violate this rule will find themselves banned and potentially reported to their internet service provider and applicable law enforcement agency.

Users are required to respect the privacy, security, and anonymity of others. It is absolutely forbidden to collect or post real-life or personally identifying information about others without their consent. We do not permit our users to to publish, display, or make publicly available any Private Message (PM) sent through the network unless both parties consent. Additionally, we the forbid sending of links and/or files which are malicious or are designed to impede the privacy,

Users are not permitted to attempt to gain unauthorized access to the network. This includes attempting to access another user’s account, attempting to get past somebody’s ignore list,  attempting to evade channel bans, attempting to evade server or network-wide bans, impersonating staff users (including bots), creating channels which imply or resemble official channels, and so forth. Bots (other than those provided by the network) must be cleared with a staff member before being brought on our network.

At times, staff members may enact temporary policies in order to ensure the security, upkeep, and stability of the network. You will be informed of these policies either in our MOTD on connect, in our RULES listing (by typing /RULES), by one of our services, or by a staff member directly. You are expected to fully comply with these policies once you have been informed of them. If you are in doubt, contact an administrator for clarification. Failure to comply could result in result in removal from our network.

3. Services Provided

A. NickServ

We provide users the ability to register their nicknames with NickServ. This will prevent others from using the registered nickname, and help our users to maintain a sense of identity on IRC. All other services are tied to nickname registration and will not have a separate password. You should choose a secure password when registering your nickname, as you are responsible for the security of your own account. We permit users to register a single account, with up to ten linked nicknames.

B. ChanServ

We provide our users the ability to register channels with ChanServ. Users can register up to five channels once they have registered their nickname. Channels that are considered obscene, or that are used for illegal activities will be closed (CBANed) without notice. After thirty (30) days of inactivity, channels are removed from the registration database. There is one ‘founder’ per channel. If you transfer founder access to another user, we cannot recover the channel for you.

C. BotServ

We users with bot services for their channel with BotServ. Users may request a network-maintained bot to help them manage their channel. A channel must be registered with the network before a bot can be requested.

D. MemoServ

We provide the ability to send offline messages (memos) with MemoServ. Users can send memos to others once they have registered their nickname. Users who send abusive memos or spam will be blocked from using services and/or removed from the network.

E. HostServ

We provide vanity virtual host services via HostServ. A user may request a vHost if they have been registered with NickServ for at least thirty (30) days, have a clean history, and are not using their vHost for fraudulent services. Offensive vHosts will be rejected.

4. Staff Organization

A. Consul

The Consul sets the network’s vision and direction and oversees the administration and staff of Kinmunity IRC. The Consul is currently naia, who is also the network's founder.

B. Magistrates

Magistrates are administrators on Kinmunity IRC; they serve as advisers to the Consul. They are responsible for ensuring the network operates smoothly and efficiently. They appoint, dismiss, and train other staff members, handle routing and technical operation of the network, serve as services administrators, and act as a final level of appeal for mediating disputes.

C. Praetors

Praetors are supervisors on Kinmunity IRC. They're responsible for leading the various staff teams, performing various public relations functions and providing dispute resolution for users. They also serve as services operators (and sometimes administrators, depending on a praetor's individual role). 

D. Guardians

Guardians are moderators on Kinmunity IRC. They're responsible for enforcing the acceptable use policy and defending our network from abuse. 

E. Seers

Seers are helpers on Kinmunity IRC. They are responsible for assisting users in official help channels, and routing help requests to the appropriate staff members and teams. They also serve as channel operators in Kinmunity IRC's official channels.

5. Disclaimer

The use of the Kinmunity IRC service is a privilege, not a right. We reserve the right to refuse access to our network to anyone, for any reason.

IRC is free media, therefore no person or entity involved with Kinmunity IRC take any responsibility whatsoever for the opinions expressed or the actions taken by users. Absolutely no warranty is either expressed or implied.

By connecting, you agree to follow all the rules and guidelines mentioned in this document